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A world without books …
By Perry Martin

   A world without books!  What an absolutely horrifying concept!  For starters, where would Hollywood get 90% of it's ideas?   I mean, once they've used up all the comic book characters, old television series' and remakes, what's left if there aren't any books?  That's not to say that there haven't been some brilliant films made directly from excellent screenplays.  But most of the movies I see these days seem to be adapted from novels.  Two almost larger-than-life examples come to mind in "Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter".

   But it's not just the effect a world without books would have on the movie industry.  I believe it would have a detrimental effect on society in general.  Movies and television, in this modern age and with the incredible technology available, provide the viewer with a visual feast that, while it's sometimes an exhilarating experience (e.g. "Avatar)  leaves little to the imagination.  The audience is not invited to contribute and I believe that's why some of the expected blockbuster movies fall flat.  They are all style and no substance.    Hollywood hasn't yet learned that it's not just about the biggest explosions, car chases and crashes etc etc.  I think that kind of thing eventually dumbs the audience down and I also think that many of them resent it, if only on a subconscious level.  Evidence the success of a movie like "The Sixth Sense".  One of my all-time favs, by the way.  That proves that people still like to be challenged by, and be involved with a story - - not just have it thrown at them with as much noise as possible. 

   The success of the first "Matrix" movie, compared to the two sequels, is another example.  The second two movies were effects-laden extravaganzas and they didn't do as well at the box office as the original.  Why?  In my opinion it's because they didn't involve the audience as much.  The first movie, as well as having amazing special effects, had an intriguing plot, a mystery that kept the audience guessing for quite a while. 

   A well-written book, on the other hand,  truly invites the reader's participation.  When you're reading you're expected to use your mind, to conjure up your own pictures based on the author's descriptions.  In a way, with the help of the author (if he's good) you create your own world and, in the case of a really good book, you can become completely lost in it.  I'm aware that can happen with a really good movie, too.  But, for me, there's something more personal about losing yourself in a book. The characters in the story can look just how you imagine they would look.  In fact, I had this illustrated to me perfectly with my own novel, "Pretty Flamingo".   Several people I knew personally, who read the book, each gave me their descriptions of one of the central characters - - and all of them saw her slightly differently.  That, to me, is the beauty of a book - - the reader contributes something of his own to it, whether he realizes it or not. 

About Pretty Flamingo

You’ll be taken on an emotional journey with David Perry, the central character, as he unlocks the mystery of a part of his past he never knew existed—a past that’s been hidden from him for thirty-five years. As the lost memories unfold David discovers a love so powerful it transcended the purely physical; a loss so devastating that it changed his whole life. And a promise that, if he can keep it, will return to him all that he cared most about in the whole world.

About The Author

 In his long and varied career as a musician, songwriter and producer Perry has worked with such people as Lefty Frizzell, Hank Snow Jr. and Sheb Wooley. Over the years as a solo performer or with a band he has also been the supporting act for such show biz luminaries as the Bee Gees, Ambrosia, Little River Band, B.J. Thomas, Hal Ketchum and Lonestar - - to name just a few.

More recently he completed his first novel, "Pretty Flamingo". Based on actual personal experiences the book is essentially a mystery/love story that takes some very unexpected twists and turns. 

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