Review: The Mephisto Covenant by Trinity Faegen

The Mephisto Covenant

  • Pub. Date: September 27, 2011
  • PublisherEgmontUSA
  • Pages: 448
  • Series: The Mephisto Covenant #1

" Sasha is desperate to find out who murdered her father. When getting the answer means pledging her soul to Eryx, she unlocks a secret that puts her in grave danger--she is an Anabo, a daughter of Eve, and Eryx's biggest threat. 

A son of Hell, immortal, and bound to Earth forever, Jax looks for redemption in the Mephisto Covenant--God's promise he will find peace in the love of an Anabo. After a thousand years, he's finally found the girl he's been searching for: Sasha. 

With the threat of Eryx always looming, Jax knows he has to keep Sasha safe and win her over. But can he? Will Sasha love him and give up her mortal life?"

First Line: "YOUR FATHER'S RING IS GONE! THAT SLIME, ALEX, TOOK it-I know he did."

Review: The cover is gorgeous right? That was what attracted me to The Mephisto Covenant along with the idea of sons of hell it sounded like it would be a hot and fast paced read but it fell short. Everything was there for it to be great but it just wasn’t. Honestly I’m disappointed, I had high hopes for this book.

One thing that bugged me was the amount of information dumping this book had. And some info was repetitive in other words we the reader already learned about it but then a scene would come where Jax would explain the same thing again to Sasha. I personally would have liked to be left in the dark and learn about all the secrets along with Sasha instead. In moments like those I just got bored and skimmed the paragraph. The info dumping made it really hard to enjoy the book.

Also my goodness...Sasha was put through so much hell, I felt so bad for her character she was molested, almost raped, physically assaulted and verbally abused. I was just shocked and it’s not until later that she started standing up for herself when her powers came to be and she got stronger but even then there were times someone else had to come and save her. Also I’m not sure if this should have been categorized as a YA there was a sex scene that was written out detail for detail.

Jax one of the sons of hell was HOT, but that was it I couldn’t connect with him on any other level and learning his past it should have made me feel something for his character but I just couldn’t connect.

What I did like was the uniqueness of the Mephisto Covenant, the Anabos and how the author added that to the story, the Ravens, Skias, and even the spin she did about purgatory which is why I am giving it two stars.

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  1. I couldn't agree with your review more. This book disappointed me too - for all the same reasons PLUS the fact that it's spirituality made zero sense.

    In the first few pages, Sasha's life is turned upside down and there's fighting scenes and a ton of other crazy action. Overload.

    I think the sex scene was waaaay too much for a YA audience.

    Oh well, here's to reading better books :)

    1. Glad to see I wasn't the only one who felt like this, and yeah that sex scene is something that you would find in an adult book but not YA.

  2. Thanks for the review. It doesn't sound like something I would enjoy either. Cover is cool though.

  3. Yes, the cover is fabulous! I need to read this one.

  4. I have heard that a lot of people had issues with this book. I have yet to read it and since I have a gazillion other books to read I think I'll only read this one if I magically get more time.
    Thanks for the honest review, and the cover is really pretty but information overload is not something that will keep me interested.

    1. Yea I wouldn't recommend this book if you are like me and get irritated with too much info dumping.


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